In this guide, we will talk about what happens when something goes wrong while you work with the API. Mistakes happen, and mostly they will be yours, not ours. Let's look at some status codes and error types you might encounter.

You can tell if your request was successful by checking the status code when receiving an API response. If a response comes back unsuccessful, you can use the error type and error message to figure out what has gone wrong and do some rudimentary debugging (before contacting support).

Status codes

Here is a list of the different categories of status codes returned by the Protocol API. Use these to understand if a request was successful.

  • Name

    A 2xx status code indicates a successful response.

  • Name

    A 4xx status code indicates a client error — this means it's a you problem.

  • Name

    A 5xx status code indicates a server error — you won't be seeing these.

Error types

Whenever a request is unsuccessful, the Protocol API will return an error response with an error type and message. You can use this information to understand better what has gone wrong and how to fix it. Most of the error messages are pretty helpful and actionable.

Here is a list of the two error types supported by the Protocol API — use these to understand what you have done wrong.

  • Name

    This means that we made an error, which is highly speculative and unlikely.

  • Name

    This means that you made an error, which is much more likely.

Error response

  "type": "api_error",
  "message": "No way this is happening!?",
  "documentation_url": ""

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